High School Zero

High School Zero
High School Zero
High School Zero
High School Zero
High School Zero

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Genre: RPG
Author: kirby0801
Added On: June 30, 2014
Votes: 269 Vote +1
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penny STORY

It's High School.
A place frought with danger and excitement.
Step into the shoes of our hero, or rather, zero, as he faces down the challenges of high school and growing up.
How would you do things?
Would you put up with being the High School Zero?
Or face life's challenges and become the High School Hero you've always meant to be?


  • Defend your manhood by facing down Tests, bullies, and other sorts of high school shenanegans head on! 
  • Hang out with your friends to get better at school, or spend time searching for new challenges to beat!
  • Explore the stories of the friends you make and hopefully find the happy ending you were looking for!


  • An original soundtrack including the new hit single, "In Another Castle"
  • Animated Characters that move their mouths when you talk to them!
  • Interesting choice based stories!
  • Randomized encounters and events! Every playthrough could be a new unique experience.


High School Zero is a game made in Unity
by Javi Almirante, Nicolo Pama, Miguel Sesdoyro, Keana Almario, and Joshua Guilas.
(We like to call ourselves part of Snack Studios, but we're really just a bunch of teens.)

Here're some links if you guys are interested in us! :D

Snack Studios!
Our Main Site

Facebook (Like us!)
Twitter (Follow us!)
ask.fm (Ask us stuff!)


We know that the contest submission is over, but that doesn't mean we've stopped working on the game! :D
We're still improving the game as we really plan to expand on this one.

Below, you can download the contest version of the game (use this one when making judgment for votes), but if you want updated versions, they're up as well, on beta! Try them out if you want to. :D


BETA v.0.01

  • Fixed that Play Again bug! (If any problems arise, please tell us as soon as you can. :D)
  • Added Spacebar support! (Finally.)
  • Fixed the chat bleep volume. No more annoying loud ones for now.