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Genre: Other
Author: casimps1
Added On: June 30, 2014
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Miopia is a procedurally generated "endless devourer" with a charming hand-painted art style.

In the game you're a tiny microscopic blob trying to grow as large as you can by eating other blobs that are even smaller than you. Along the way be sure to collect any yellow nutrients you see. Then, if you can find a rare energy ball, you can use that along with the nutrients you've collected to evolve your blob's abilities.

Miopia is different every time you play it. If you want to, and you're good enough, you can play it forever. See if you can grow until your size is measured in kilometers!

Available as both a browser game (using the Unity plugin) or a Windows executable


Movement - Arrow keys

Boost (once you have purchased Boost) - Left Shift


Programming/Design: Clarence Simpson (@StoicHamster)

Art/Design/Music: Pete Mitchell (@daspetey)